Walter Gordinier is a celebrated sculptor with a highly diverse body of evidence based projects. He has worked for decades developing concepts along side all the project stakeholders. Walter has a long standing history for working all the players into the invention of ideas, approach, and project coordination, by incorporating a fluid art dialoge. Walter promotes the inclusion of the project Architects, Structural Engineers or can bring to the project his Architect/Structural Engineers. As a born innovator/collaborator and master of materials, Walter has continually experimented with new ideas and expansive directions to achieve authentic, proprietary, signature sculptures. By his own nature Walter has an intuitive ability to communicate progressive thinking and believes that a healthy project dialog gives birth to new, visually smart ideas that can utilize a selection of new materials.

In 2012, Walter added to his materials repertoire by developing a new art glass direction: Laminated – Structurally Dynamic Glass specifically for exterior installations. [-50 degrees-+ 400 degrees ] Walter, through his authentic senses, pairs his glass with stainless steel, cor-ten steel, stone, aluminum and granite producing proprietary/iconic sculptures.

A profound experience happens when the project produces art/sculpture reactionary to the landscape design/architecture. Viewers experience a satisfying feeling of completeness, of welcoming, of ownership. The resulting art event will reflect/ project a complimentary reward of YES!- now this is beautiful! Walters work springs from collaborative words and thoughts, thrives with built exterior environments, Gardens and Interfaith Chapels. These features become immersed into place and venue, responsive to the client, the public, the setting.

Gordinier, Walter

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Walter’s books on cast glass (both the first and second edition), as well as his book chronicling his SLAM project are available for download in PDF formats. Simply click on the name or picture of the book that interests you, and you will get an up-close and personal look of Walter’s methods and experiences on past projects.

In addition, you can click on one of Walter’s videos to learn more about specific project types, including glass walls, glass stairs, glass counters and glass painting projects. You can also learn more about his glass sculpture and glass bridges processes and work.

If you have any questions about one of Walter’s books or videos, or if you would like to discuss having him on your next project, contact him today.

Books – Downloadable in PDF format