The artist Walter Gordinier


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEDUCATION: Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR:  Honors Graduate in Art, BA 1973    (Professional Studio Opened in 1974)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBIRTHPLACE: 1950, El Paso, Texas
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxADDRESS: 3608 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPHONE: 503-234-1083
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPortland, OR 97202 FAX: 503-234-2707
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWEBSITE: E-MAIL:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCLIENTELE: Private • Corporate • Healthcare • Institutions • % Art

PROFESSIONAL - Exhibitions / Galleries / Publications - Commissions and Collections - Proprietary Sculpture - PDF
2010-07 Walter Gordinier has opened an evidence based showroom, exhibiting his extraordinary glass castings. This permanent exhibition has been established for clients, architects and interior designers to experience, first-hand, provocative works of art realized in cast glass. These projects are thought to be unattainable by most. I accomplish and site these works for personal and corporate venues, internationally. Present are abstract expressionistic glass paintings. Showing concurrently is a presentation of dynamic photographic gicleé prints that document completed fine art castings as functional architectural elements. Further, to inform publicly that the castings, certified as structural, are easily incorporated for inclusion within the fabric of architectural surrounds. Educationally, the purpose is to demonstrate the abiding importance, historical relevance and recognition for cast glass as a fine art.
2010-84 Principal Artist/Fabricator for aerial atrium sculptures. Pioneered the concepts, processes, procedures and the building’s structural dynamics. All giving birth to a brave new direction for siting large scale aerial sculptures.
2009 A new movement from fine art galleries to represent my cast glass as fine art paintings; and architectural glass as functional elements. Sited for private and corporate venues.
2010-95 Project Artist Consultant (P.A.C.) Apart from my specific artwork, my clients hire me to conceive and develop critical abiding ideas that become architectural elements shaping and defining their personal sense of surround and place. The result being highly innovative design, exceptional material detailing and lasting artistic content.
2010-04 Instituted a Studio “Assistantship” program for artists wanting to establish themselves, their sense of vision, their work; and to learn the realities of real world dynamics, relative to the pursuit of their careers.
2007 BECON Big Ideas: Kiln-glass in Architecture The Kiln-Glass Ceiling: Barriers to Entry, International Panelist.
2004-03 Co-founded the Writers Literary Arts MFA Program for Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR.
2003 Accomplished having my cast glass STRUCTURALLY CERTIFIED by a nationally registered testing lab. 1600 lbs./sq. ft.
2002-01 Member of the Board “Mountain Writers Series” (MWS). MWS is the vehicle of access to and for the community. To engage in the promotion, ambitions and inspirations of the literary arts, MWS introduces and sponsors some of the most important writers and poets of our time.
2000 Honored as a member of the Pacific University 150, Walter was selected and recognized for his cultural, artistic contributions for distinguishing himself as an important American artist. He has honored his alma mater by making a difference in our society. Confirmation by Faith Gabelnick, President of Pacific University.
1999 Lead Lecturer: for the Presidents Lecture Series. Focusing a university curriculum on linking theory with practice. A review of public and private sculptures that demonstrate the dynamic presence of art and the successful evidence of the collaborative efforts between artist, client, architect, interior designer, engineer, developer and community leaders. Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR.
1997 Project Consultant: to Frank O. Gehry & Associates for The Experience Music Project; 10,000 square feet of 2’ x 2’ x 1” polished, cerulean blue glass tiles laid in a snakeskin pattern for exterior cladding.
1996 Founded the concept and orchestrated the development of large scale, technically sophisticated computer- programmable kilns for the specific production of monolithic Cast Glass.
1994 AIA: Art/Architecture: A review of aerial sculpture projects that demonstrate the dynamic presence of art and successful collaborative efforts between artists, architects, and communities.
1993 AIA, ASID, IBD Citation Award for outstanding collaborative design and use of conventional materials to yield highly innovative design with exceptional detailing.
1992 I.E.S. Lighting Fundamentals (An Artists View of Light); lecture series with Mark Ramsby, IALD.
1989 Pioneered a concept and new studio practice for creating and siting large scale, cold cast glass for architectural/interior features for a national audience.
1974 Artist in Residence, Contemporary Crafts Association, Portland, OR.
1973-71 Arts Honors and Teaching Assistantship, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR.
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After graduating from Pacific University in 1973 with Art Honors and Teaching Assistantship, Walter Gordinier went on to bring a new vision to the world of fine art. After a mere 16 years in 1989, he had already begun work as a world class glass artist by pioneering a concept and new studio practice for creating and siting large scale, cold cast glass for architectural/interior features.

Taking this cold cast glass, Gordinier began creating functional architectural glass such as glass counter tops, stairs, bridges, floors, and fine art castings such as glass paintings and landmark architectural glass installations  – something that really hadn’t been done before. By the time 1993 came around, his extraordinary work with fine art glass was justly realized when he received the AIA, ASID, IBD Citation Award for outstanding collaborative design and use of conventional materials to yield highly innovative design with exceptional detailing.

Simply creating this new fine art glass practice was not enough for Gordinier however. Approximately 7 years after pioneering the concept, Walter Gordinier sought to enhance the quality of his work. In 1996, he orchestrated the development of large scale, technically sophisticated computer-programmable kilns for the specific production of monolithic cast glass. This forward-thinking method then understandably altered the way in which glass art was constructed from that day forth.

Effectively paving the way for those interested in pursuing a future as a glass artist themselves already, Gordinier still felt the need to do more. In 2004, he instituted a studio assistantship program for artists who wanted to establish themselves, their vision and their work. He hoped to provide them with an opportunity to learn the realities of real world dynamics relative to working in the realm of fine art – a hope that’s still in place as the program continues on.

For 30 years now, Gordinier has been leading the way in establishing Portland, Oregon as a world center and place of destination for kiln glass – the most notable being cold glass casting, where all the glass is handled with bare hands. By visiting his studio and reviewing his portfolio, you will find that his areas of expertise include functional architectural glass and sculptural/architectural glass, which includes landmark installations siting contemporary sculptures both nationally and internationally. The diversity of Gordinier’s castings and how they have been incorporated into the fabric of our daily lives, landscapes, architecture and the interiors of our buildings is unmatched and he is continuing to redefine those creative envelopes to this day.

Often signed on to projects as a lead project artist or interior design consultant, Gordinier’s client base ranges anywhere from private collectors and corporations to institutions and public art settings. As more and more individuals come to recognize the importance and beauty of functional glass art as something that can command attention all on its own, we can only predict that Walter Gordinier’s work will continue to be as prosperous as ever.