S    c    u    l   p   t   u   r   a    l               I    n    s    t   a   l   l   a   t   i   o  n  s


Artist Approach

A   r   c   h   i   t   e  c   t   u   r   a  l                 A   r   t                  G   l   a   s  s

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As a visual artist, I know just how powerful a single piece of artwork can be. That’s why I believe that art should be seen less as an accent and more as something that can command attention and survive on its own. Regardless of whether you plan to showcase your piece outside where everyone can enjoy it or inside your home or commercial property, you should insist that it be unique enough to do just that.

In 1989, I started toying with the idea of working with functional art glass in physically interactive environments. Today, you will find that my work mainly consists of conceiving, producing, and installing signature glass castings, functional architectural glass and landmark sculptural installations by utilizing a number of materials, such as granite, stone, glass, metals, lighting, wood and water.  This practice then translates into intricate pieces such as glass counters and floors, or glass paintings and fine art cast glass features for architectural environments and so much more.

All of my work is proprietary, driven by concepts which are fueled by the client, the site and the facility. It is not unusual to find that my work has captured the attention of a number of interior designers and architects for over the past 30 years now, as I am often contracted to projects as a lead project artist and/or interior design consultant. The most thrilling part of this work is infusing the space with emotional conditions that make the environment especially suited for its intended purpose (i.e. a healing garden).

Overall, the work done at Walter Gordinier Studios not only transmits emotional depth but creates timeless impressions. As a glass artist, it is my ultimate goal to do this by challenging the boundaries of contemporary art, while still managing to adhere to the overall vision of the client. If you crave a piece that is both unique and inspiring and that will create a presence all its own, call me today. Let’s see what we can create for you.